How We Hold Ourselves

February 13th, 2010

How we breathe reveals how we hold ourselves in the world. If our breath is fluid and deep than it is likely that we carry these qualities into our day to day interactions, our relationships and our work. If the breath is strained or forced, we can expect that our actions in the world will conversely have a strained or forced quality to them.

One of the benefits of continued breathwork practice is that we tend to iron out the kinks in our breathing cycle over time. Sometimes this happens quickly and suddenly and other times it takes longer.

The beauty in this is that when we change the way we breathe – we change the way in which we engage in the world. The qualities of breathing in deeply show up in how we accept the gifts the universe has to offer us. The way in which we gently and fully release the breath, shows up in how we release our negative patterns of thinking and action.

In this way, the breath is a microcosm of our way in the world. Bringing continued attention, awareness and presence into our breathwork practice brings these qualities to all of our actions.